GreenSparks (Pvt) Ltd

Malawi,  Mozambique,  Zambia,  Zimbabwe

Our Products

We keep in constant touch with the market and only install the best designed solar panels, batteries and inverters.

We use leading brands from around the world, whether it be batteries from the USA, inverters from Germany or South Africa, solar panels from France or China, etc. - the whole is matched and designed to supply your home, business, factory or farm with the best possible power solution - from 2kw to 500kw and above.

Generators whether existing or not can be designed into our systems and we can provide solar grid-tie to the national grid.

So ask yourself ..

  • Why start a generator when an inverter can do the job better - silent, clean, efficient, saves on diesel and with a seemless change over (you won't even notice)?
  • Why lose customers because they cannot shop effectively in your store during power outages and faults?
  • Why pay people to twiddle their fingers (because your tills are down or machinery isn't working, oh and there is no lighting)?
  • Why suffer when we have a power system that will make you feel like you are in the 'first world' again?

And of course you will be  'GREEN'!